About us

Company Overview

We deliver enterprise-strength solutions to small, medium, and large organizations by offering customized services. Our solutions help customers make better business decisions.

Founded in 1997, Aykac Consulting is based in Ontario, Canada and services all provinces and other countries. We are committed to helping our customers reduce their total cost of ownership in technology through training and professional services.

Our Professional Services team ensures that our customers are provided with guidance and mentoring in the implementation and support of their projects and environments. We offer a wide range of customized training and services delivered online, on-site, and on-demand.

Our service philosophy is based on a simple set of principles


We tell our customers the whole story and ensure that they understand all aspects of the relationship before we start any engagement. We want long term partnerships and customers who are willing to achieve their goals with our help.


We live up to our promises which are why we don’t take them lightly. From our long and successful track record of happy customers, we build an environment of trust and reliability.


We employ highly educated and skilled staff to provide our customers with maximum return on investment. We enable them to make decisions with the least amount of bureaucracy.


Quality of service is our maxim. We use advanced tools and methods to track all our assignments to ensure that they deliver a robust and tested solution.

To find out more about the virtual public courses and how it can help you, please visit our training site.  

As always, we are here to help you gain knowledge and improve your power skills. Reach out to discuss our services in more detail.