In addition to the customized workshops, we provide following workshops on a regular basis:

Being a project team member
This accelerated workshop designed to quickly bring single-focused employees to project team member. Customized version of this workshop will bring all team members up to speed with the context of the project and allowing students to understand the project and see the big picture.

How to choose right PM?
This workshop designed for recruiters to understand the project management methodologies, measuring the levels of the PMs, asking the right questions to identify the right PM for the project.

Key elements of managing Identity Access Management (IAM) projects
%80 of today’s enterprises running one type of IAM project. There are important steps if it can be taken care of at the beginning will increase the success rate of the project. This workshop designed for experienced PMs to understand the key elements of the IAM projects, common issues and risk items and much more.

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Last Updated: 1/25/2010