We provide highly customized trainings based on your needs and the skill set of your team. Check out our training division Wareness

Our training offerings are based on our partnerships and alliances with leading-edge training and application development vendors and are designed to maximize flexibility and value of the training. We have over 10 years of experience in the training industry; our training methodology is highly effective.

Our training offering includes:


Our workshops are fully customized based on your needs. These accelerated workshops are used to quickly bring single-focused project teams or departments up to speed with the context of the current initiatives. We will design and deliver a workshop that is coordinated with your organization's training department, allowing students to understand the context and see the big picture.

Web Based Training

We can develop web-based training, which can be mounted on a web server for subscription-based. We can also develop the same training as Computer-Based Training (CBT) distributed on CD or other removal media. These formats have the advantage of flexibility, requiring no instructor, and are accessible by your customers 24/7. We can include audio, video, and complex simulation and animation to enhance the learning experience. When you couple this with email-based question systems, live instructor chat rooms, and peer chats, this can become a powerful learning medium for your organization.

Train the Trainer

We provide training for our customers’ trainers so they can deliver the training to your trainees. Our train-the-trainer programs bring trainers up to speed with the new initiatives.

Customized on-site training

We provide training on any topic to any level and size of employees.

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Last Updated: 1/25/2010