Project Management Office (PMO)

Establishing a PMO helps to regain control of failing projects. A PMO should enable organizations to implement processes and methods that help the organization not only meet their technical goals but also accomplish the processes around the technology implemented.

Establishing a PMO is a great way to implement processes and design principles.
Roles and responsibilities should be clearly identified within the organization prior to executing their responsibilities. All of the corporate requirements for the projects including levels of cost control, the tools and equipment, etc., must be clearly defined. This ensures that the managers and staff across the corporation fully understand the purpose of the PMO.

The PMO should be neutral in the management role it plays, operating as a centre of excellence and the custodian of corporate standards for all project managers, line managers, senior managers and staff to call on as required. Establishing a PMO requires commitment and discipline but, once operating successfully, significant cost savings (up to 20% of the entire project budget) can be anticipated.

A successful PMO becomes a vital source of information concerning the use of corporate resources on all internal and external projects and can be the catalyst for major improvements in overall corporate performance.

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Last Updated: 2/15/2010