45% of the delivered functionality is never used!
19% of the delivered functionality is rarely used!
Project Management knowledge areas:

Integration management: Critical tasks are project plan development, execution, and overall change control.
Scope management: It consist of initiation, scope planning, definition, verification and change control.
Time management: Related tasks are activity definition, sequencing, duration estimating, schedule development and control.
Cost management: Resource planning, cost estimating, budgeting and control is part of the cost management tasks.
Quality management: It consist of quality planning, assurance and control tasks.
HR management: Organizational planning, staff acquisition and team development is Human Resources related tasks.
Communication management: Communication is a vital part of any project; it requires accuracy of shared knowledge in order to successfully complete projects. Planning, information distribution, performance reporting and administrative closure are some of the communication management tasks.
Risk management: It is crucial to prioritize risks as soon as they are identified. Our style is to identify the risks, assess the impact and evaluate the chances that they will occur and then build a plan to avoid, lessen, accept or change the outcome. Risk identification, qualification, response development and control are some of the risk management tasks.
Procurement management: Procurement and solicitation planning, solicitation source selection, contract administration and close out.


Project Assessment
Generally the cause of project failure is not entirely the fault of technology, but more likely the failure to use principles and processes related to the system implemented. We use several different project assessments tools to find out the status of your project and what needs to be done to successfully complete it.

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Last Updated: 08/02/2010