Identity and Access Management (IAM)

It is no surprise that IAM continue to be a top priority for organizations (Deloitte security survey in 2007 & 2008). A well-regarded European financial services company, HQ in France, announced at the beginning of 2008 that the actions of a single futures trader had led to losses of over US$7 billion dollars. The trader in question had exceeded his authority by engaging in unauthorized trades totaling more than the bank's entire market capitalization of US$52.6 billion. Balancing convenient access with strong security will be an issue that organizations must continue to deal with.

Excessive access rights as the most prevalent audit finding (Deloitte Survey 2008), followed by access control compliance with procedures and segregation of duties, all reflect organization's concern about identity and access management, compliance and data leakage protection.

IAM automates the management of a user's identity and access levels to ensure that only authorized users can access the company's any resources. An IAM solution eliminates the costs and inefficiencies associated with managing user identities and access rights in different groups in IT and some cases, Business departments.

It impacts almost every process in today's organization, therefore successful IAM implementations is crucial task.

Like any other IT project, you will encounter challenges during the IAM implementation but the result is too great to ignore.

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Last Updated: 1/27/2010