High-performing Team Building

Agile manifesto states the importance of individuals and interactions. It is crucial to establish open communication within the team if you want to build a high-performing team. Many different types of interactions take place in each stage of the team-building process.

Building successful teams is a critical factor for succeeding in an agile transformation. Building an agile team requires defining roles, responsibilities, and filling them with resources available on hand. Agile teams need to have a clear focus on the successful completion of a project.

To build an agile team:

  • Facilitate commitment by protecting the team from outside distractions to establish a predictable outcome and optimize the value delivered
  • Align project and team goals by sharing project vision and aligning team objectives with project objectives to ensure the team objectives fit into the overall goals of the project
  • Encourage the team to measure its capacity by tracking and measuring actual deliverables in previous cycles and understanding of their velocity and commitment.

Following the below steps will help you accomplish team collaboration and increased team commitment:

  • Facilitate close communication within the team to ensure there is no miscommunication.
  • Reduce team distractions to optimize the value delivered.
  • Every step of the project, the project vision should be confirmed, and the team should be clear on how their objectives also fit into the overall goals of the project.
  • Encourage the team to measure its velocity to gain a better understanding of the team’s capacity.
  • Using appropriate tools and approaches to create more accurate forecasts for the team and the stakeholders.

We focus on building high-performing Agile / DevOps teams, with T-shaped professionals who possess the necessary skills to build and run systems independently as a team.

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DASA DevOps Competence Quickscan

The DASA DevOps Competence Quickscan is going to assess your readiness to engage in a DevOps team.

Take the DASA DevOps Quickscan

The DASA DevOps Competence Quickscan is an innovative approach to validate your readiness to work effectively in a DevOps team. Complete a self-assessment questionnaire to assess how you are performing against the DASA DevOps Competence Model relevant for DevOps professionals.


  • The DASA DevOps Competence Quickscan is a self-assessment questionnaire targeted at everyone working in a DevOps and Agile environment
  • The assessment comprises 24 questions, two for each of the 12 competence areas of the DASA DevOps Competence Model.
  • A report is provided displaying the results of the self-assessment against the competence model, explaining how well you master each of the competency areas.
  • You can map your results against the DASA DevOps Certification Scheme, helping you to understand how you can further develop your skills.
  • It’s easy to download your Quickscan report for you to keep or share your results with others.

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