DevOps and Agile Skills Development

Our focus is on developing high-performing Agile and DevOps teams. Ensuring all team members who possess the necessary skills (T-shaped professionals) to develop products, services or results as a team. As a member of DevOps Agile Skills Associations (DASA) – fast-growing global movement providing global certification in DevOps and Agile competence development, we help organizations to be successful for their journey through DevOps/Agile transformation.

Defining Roles, Creating Standards, Inspiring IT Professionals

Hiring resources with the necessary skills for DevOps/Agile transformation is becoming a pressing need. We believe that by defining the competency model and universal qualification for DevOps/Agile knowledge and skills development, we can help organizations identify the competencies needed for the roles created from DevOps/Agile transformation. And by doing so, the training and qualification program helps those to gain the necessary competencies to succeed in their transformation. More importantly, by bringing thought leadership in this area, we aim to inspire IT professionals to serve as change champions by sharing and practicing what they have learned.

The DASA DevOps Competence Quickscan is an innovative approach to validate your readiness to work effectively in a DevOps team. Complete a self-assessment questionnaire to assess how you are performing against the DASA DevOps Competence Model relevant for DevOps professionals.

Following virtual courses are available for in-house delivery:

DASA DevOps Fundamentals

DASA DevOps Coach

To find out more about the virtual public courses and how it can help you, please visit our training site.  

As always, we are here to help you gain knowledge and improve your power skills. Reach out to discuss our services in more detail.